The projects below are internal sites; images have been intentionally blurred and/or altered for privacy considerations.

Citizens Bank, Community

The Community section of the Intranet went through several revamps during a 6 year period. For each of these revamps I worked with business partners and strategic communications to evaluate the content and site goals. With each revamp I gathered site and user requirements, developed sketches, wireframes, and prototypes, and analyzed site stattistics.

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Citizens Bank, Consumer Banking

I developed the Consumer Banking Intranet as a central resource for the Consumer Banking division. This division encompasses all the Retail branches, and supporting back office colleagues. I met with colleagues from across the bank, analyzed current sites and resources, developed wireframes, worked with a cross functional team to develop this site, and executed test plans. The site is currently used by more than 12,000 colleagues.

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Boston Scientific, International

The International Intranet was developed as part of a larger project to centralize all Intranet content across the company. This portion of the Intranet served colleagues across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The new site combined content from 2 existing sites. I met with content owners to analyze and re-write content on existing sites, worked with Corporate Communications to develop project plans, developed new pages, trained users, and promoted the site across the organization.

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Boston Scientific, Inter-Continental

I created the Inter-Continental Intranet to serve as the primary resource for colleagues across Asia and the Americas. I met with colleagues to asses their needs, analyzed Intranet platforms, developed wireframes and project plans, worked with graphic designers to develop site graphics, created site templates, style guides, and developed pages for all departments.

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Sun Life Financial, Annuity Death Benefit

The Annuity Death Benefit section of the Intranet was the primary resource for Customer Service representatives handling death benefit inquiries. I worked with the Customer Service area to assess the flow of their phone conversations and re-designed the site to increase usability and improved average handle time by 10%.

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